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Discovering the other side of me… us and togetherness

By Devasena Desai

The world dragged me slowly into Alice in wonderland and I quite enjoyed the experience, everything was predictable, exciting and I was bestowed with luxuries. I could spend my time doing innumerable things and always labelled them as important the very existence of my happiness. But being born in the 70’s I knew that it is all just a façade and the illusion is larger than my life I need to control myself before I get caught in this mirage of new world of technology and artificial relationships.

Today, I am not just living, I constantly question what if I was in the world war series, what if I had been given a cell to live with innumerable humans, what if there was no technology for my entertainment? What if I did not panic with the newness of the what if series. Yes, mental health is very important and to repair the very fabric of the family, neighbourhood and society we needed a worldwide invisible enemy just to give us a glimpse of all our capabilities and potential. This is actually the real world, slow, promising, healing and heaving after several years of abuse.

Do you really believe that we are healing? Do you really believe we can repair? Do you really accept the new truth that we need to focus on self-reliance, be the cheerleader and also be creative to reach out without stepping or moving an inch. Contrary to the belief that mankind may not continue with the learnt new experience, it definitely has given us a taste of what it means to rest, be leisure and resourceful without having to always have an agenda to conquer the world. I often wonder what would Victor Frankl say of the luxuries we still possess while we complain of missing comforts, what would Anne Frank say, about the food that we are experimenting, Picasso sits back to see several artists emerging and it’s a good thing that artists are well appreciated. We are healing because we are reaching out to long lost connections starting from familiarizing our own family members, familiarizing with our house, every furniture, window knows us well and we are hands on parents, our kids whom we owned but had outsourced to several capable people, we never met much just saw them eating and sleeping between dropping and picking up, getting tasks done. Grandparents are the new TV channels as we all sit to see the mythology stories telecasted and we are not complaining as we discuss the ancient war stories and politics of an era forgotten.

 It is a bitter sweet learning, bitter because we never liked changes and was forced into this one, sweet because we are able to discover ourselves and we did not need a coach, a psychologist or school teacher. We just had so much time that we began to open all our hidden cards and put them on trial. To my surprise we are able to see, that actually, we are more talented, calm and resourceful, people waited for this day to let earth take over while. We still wait behind closed curtains continue to explore more resources. We are yet not dead this means we continue to discover the world from our small window of HOPE!



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