A Spot of Paradise

A little corner of Paradise Where the world exists not A secluded plot of gentle earth From which springs forth nature’s bounty. Quietly rippling hillocks, a terrain rich in fertility Covered by a clear blue sky A riot of colours flowing in every direction. An abundance of flora and fauna at its splendid best. Trees pregnant with ripe fruit Dark red soil nurturing and propagating life The sun’s rays filtering through the thick foliage Creating dancing patterns on the carpet of soft grass. A cool light breeze making the trees sway drunkenly Their branches waltzing to its sweet whispering rhythm...

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What if ?

The two most tantalizing words in the English language are probably ‘What if’. They give rise to fantastic possibilities. Probabilities and possibilities render meaning unto life, giving birth to optimism, to dreams, to hope…! Depending on an individual’s aspirations the words could conjure up wonderful things…. one could dream through another’s articulation of that dream and imagine all the things that he has been wishing for. What if I win the lottery? What if I get my dream job? What if I can eliminate hunger from the world? What if wickedness ceases to exist? So, what if wishes were horses?...

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