November 2021

The Circle of Life

By ~ Sonavi Kher Desai

Early this morning, I watched the dew-soaked Hibiscus bush outside the veranda. It was laden with crimson flowers. They looked like bright red speckles on a lush green canvas. Some were magnificent, in full bloom, while others were in different stages of withering away. It was heartwarming to see the fertile bush that promised me fresh red blooms to offer to Ganesha in my morning puja. The sun was slowly lightening up the sky and warming up the day but the dewdrops still shone on the bush like little diamonds, slowly trickling down the leaves and petals and dropping to the ground. I gazed at the young, open flowers nestling side by side with those that were wilting. A million thoughts flitted through my mind. The Hibiscus bush seemed to reflect the trajectory of life – blossoming youth, maturity, and the eventual falling off. The dried up flowers would finally release their hold, merge with the soil that gave birth to them, and nourish the new buds that would emerge. The circle of life…

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