Indus Source Books publishes in the areas of Spirituality, Health, History/Politics, Business, Self-Help, and General Non-fiction. If your manuscript relates to any of these subjects send us a proposal to with the title of your manuscript in the subject line.


What to include in your proposal

1. An outline of your book in 500-1000 words along with the table of contents and two sample chapters.
2. Detailed biographical information about yourself.
3. Your target audience and what you feel is the market for this book.
4. How your book is different from others on the same subject.
5. Why a reader must buy your book.
6. How you can help promote/publicise the book.

We focus on high quality, relevant and well-researched content. Allow us 4 to 6 weeks to respond. Please do not send us your manuscript. We will revert to you about our interest in your work and request the soft copy/hard copy of the entire manuscript if needed.

Note: If a hard copy of your manuscript is requested, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage if you want your manuscript returned. Please do NOT send us original manuscripts, documents, photos, or artwork. Kindly allow us three to four months to respond.

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