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reSourceOur books containing Digital Resources carry the reSource+ logo.

Digital is disrupting every industry from Banking & Financial Services to Transportation & Telecommunication. The Internet and Smartphones are bringing about huge changes in the consumption pattern of information and content.

The publishing industry has not remained untouched by this digital transformation and we believe that in time to come we will see much more demand for digital content. Indus Source Digital is our first step towards a foreseeable digital age. More than 25% Indians have access to the Internet and most of them are using the same to consume information in various formats. Contrary to the presumption that people are reading less, there is reason to believe that content continues to be consumed but the formats are new, different, and digital.

With Indus Source Digital we are extending the scope of our printed content, using various digital content platforms such as Video Podcasts, Audio Podcasts, Online Readers’ communities, and Live Broadcast of events such as Book Launches and Interactive Conversations with our Authors.

We strongly believe that embedding digital with print will provide an enhanced experience to our readers. With every suitable book we publish hereafter, we would be including digital resources made easily available to our readers. Along with digital content, we will also include more in-depth explanations about the subject, photographs, charts and infrographics, which could not be printed in the book.

Listed below are our reSource+ titles.

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