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In the Quest for Political Philosophy

Author: Raju Parulekar

  • ISBN: 9789385509032
  • paperback
  • Size: 5.50 X 8.50 inch
  • Pages: 178
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In the course of human evolution, culture, art, isms, wars, organisations, leaders, wins and losses, are all a part of an extensive, continuous political process. Ancient cultures, both Eastern and Western, their grandeur, the little political milestones in the world that we live in today, Balasaheb Thackeray or the RSS, Communism or Narendra Modi… all of this is an evolved outcome of discussions and direct, exposed thoughts on art, incessant conflicts in the world, and the transformation and progression that start out of it. In this book the writer, through his different essays, has studied this canvas in a myriad ways and has undertaken its explosive analysis. Whether it is art or gender relationships, everything is a part of politics; in fact, existence itself is politics, its range and scope dwarfing the so-called great men and organisations. Their unambiguous, candid, and explicit analysis then becomes a missile that tears through our everyday living. That is exactly what happens in this book. The analysis here is also the moral of the story. And that’s how the odyssey continues…

  • Raju Parulekar

    Raju Parulekar is a writer, researcher and political analyst of national and international issues for more than twenty-five years. His analytical and research-based writings have been published in several national as also international journals and periodicals. He has been active in the audio-visual media for the past eleven years as an anchor and researcher. He has, so far, anchored nine shows on cultural, literary and social issues and one of them, Samvad, ran successfully for ten years with more than 3,500 episodes. Other than that, he has also presented several political shows on regional as well as national channels.

    In the year 2005, Parulekar was awarded the prestigious RAPA Award for Excellence by the Radio & Television Advertising Practitioners’ Association of India for the show Samvad.  He has also won an award from the Gandhi Peace Foundation for his research and writing work, an award in 2008 for excellence in literature, The Maharashtra Times Award, The P. K. Atre Award and several other such awards. 

    Parulekar has been active as a writer, analyst and poet and has also written columns for several newspapers. He has penned television serials, screenplays and dialogues for films. Five of his non-fiction books and a compilation of poetry are already published; two more in English and four more in Marathi are in the pipeline. He has written in Marathi, Hindi and English. His work also appears in several international languages.

    Parulekar was the organiser of the First Asia Peace Forum at New Delhi in 2015 and is the Vice President of the Society for Asian Integration (New Delhi). He is also the founder of RP Excellence, a consultancy firm that assists setting up of media houses.