History Book Publishers in India

For any writer, who wish to author a book; it is very essential to understand important steps leading to the publication. Generally speaking, people can have the slightest idea of publishing a book, but they don’t know how to translate that idea from a computer screen to the hard copy of a paper. In this regard, there are many publication houses, such as History Book Publishers in India, who can assist you in fulfilling your wishes.

Read on to get complete guidance on book publication process and know how to choose one of the best publications to process your book.

Traditional way of publication

Through a traditional way of publication, wherein a contract is offered to the author from the publisher’s side by buying the publication rights from the author and in turn paying off the royalties from the sales. If you are willing to publish your book through traditional way of publication then you will have to find an agent and the same can be achieved through raising a query letter and sending it to the potential agent. The query letter should include synopsis of your book chapter, your description as an author and the targeted audience the book is being prepared for.


There are variety of publishing modules, such as print on demand, vanity, subsidy and self-publication of your book. Out of these many modules, print on demand publication accept all types of books for publication on release of specific payment allotted to the same.

In case of vanity publication, the author has to pay for the services. The book manufacturer can print books and bind them on author’s dime and the books are handed over to the authors without offering any other assistance, such as marketing, editing, proof reading as well as other promotional assistance.

Self-publication thus demands from the author to invest their own money in order to produce books and give further assistance, such as marketing, distribution etc.

How do I choose the way of publication?

If you have any personal hobby or a goal to be as a writer, then definitely you should go ahead with vanity publishing. Whereas, if you are writing a family history or a memoir that may have limited readers and cannot stock up your book in the bookstore then POD can be advantageous for you.

On the other hand, printing in a bulk with the help of a self-publication can be the best choice; if you have created enough foundation to reach to as many targets as possible both through offline as well as online platform.

Thus, few things can be considered if in case you don’t have any idea about your targeted readers, or online presence or social media; then traditional publication can certainly be the choice of preference.

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