Prof. Dr. Rohini Gawankar is the retired head of the department of political science of S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is the founder president of Maharashtra’s Women’s Studies Association and also Women’s Development Cell of the University of Mumbai. She was the president of Maharashtra Political Association and vice president of Mahila Dakshata Samiti. She is a grassroots activist working for the orientation and training of women members of panchayats in Maharashtra. She was appointed as a central representative of Maharashtra state on central women’s commission. She worked as editor and treasurer of Indian Association of Women’s Studies. She has seven Marathi books and one English book to her credit and is also the co-author of twelve books in English and Marathi. Her book on Rani Jhansi Regiment has been translated into Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, and English. She has received the Rao Saheb Bambardekar Award for her research on the Rani Jhansi Regiment. She was felicitated by Zonata International Indira Gandhi Award for her social work at the grassroots level and has achieved many more awards for her work in this area.