Baba`s Divine Manifestations

Author: Vinny Chitluri

  • ISBN: 9788188569977
  • paperback
  • Size: 5.50 X 8.50 inch
  • Pages: 304
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Years ago Baba had said, “I am immortal, know this truth. And forever get experiences of my immortality.” Baba has kept his promise by appearing in his physical form before his devotees time and again whenever the need arose, to provide succour, comfort and guidance, even to this day. This book narrates the experiences of those blessed devotees who had the good fortune of having a divine vision of Baba either in his physical form, or in a dream, or hearing his voice.

The book starts with the experiences of those fortunate devotees who met Baba and continues with His divine manifastations to this day. Thus his assurance, “Even if I cast off this mortal body, nevertheless I will come running to the aid of my devotees” is unwavering.

  • Vinny Chitluri

    Vinny Chitluri was born in Arvankadu (Nilgaris) and was educated in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. She did her post graduation in paediatrics from Kalavati Saren Hospital, Delhi. She then went to the U.S., and was conferred the “Diploma of the American Academy of Paediatrics” on passing the board examination.

    While in the U.S. she reflected on the “karmic bonds” with her family. Her father worshipped Baba and she too has been doing so for over 60 years. Her relationship with Baba is that of a “best friend” who loves her unconditionally. She retired from the medical profession at the age of 50, and settled in Shirdi in 1994. She soon realised that “the more she learned about Baba, the more ignorant she felt”. It would take many lives to understand the incredible God, and so her quest is an ongoing one.