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Reversing Osteoarthritis

Author: Rajgopal Nidamboor

  • ISBN: 978-93-85509-00-1
  • paperback
  • Size: 6.00 X 9.00 inch
  • Pages: 98
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Osteoarthritis is a major joint disorder. It affects millions of people worldwide – and, it could affect many more, including YOU!

There is no easy answer – much less a cure for osteoarthritis, because conventional or prescription medications have nothing much to offer, much less to repair, or rebuild, the osteoarthritic joint. Besides, they tend to have a host of side-effects – some of them serious.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are natural dietary supplements, or “nutrients.” They have joint health-promoting, disease-preventing, and therapeutic properties. They also get to the “source” of the osteoarthritic problem, and revamp joint cartilage – safely.

This book tells you how to reverse osteoarthritis with other natural herbs and options to bring back the smile to your joint/s and promote optimal health and well-being, naturally and gently.

Highlights of the book

• The trouble with osteoarthritis [OA] • Cause and effect • Pain-killers and their side-effects • How glucosamine and chondroitin work • Healing by design • Remodelling the joints • Diet • Lifestyle changes • Other natural remedies/options for OA • Cost-benefits • Safety

  • Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Rajgopal Nidamboor, PhD, is a Board-Certified wellness physician, Fellow of the College of Chest Physicians [FCCP], Member of the Center of Applied Medicine [M-CAM], writer-editor, independent researcher, commentator, critic, columnist, author, and publisher. His special interests include natural, integrative, and nutritional medicine, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.