x Book Publishers In Mumbai, Publishing House In Mumbai

Book Publishers In Mumbai, Publishing House In Mumbai

At Indus Source we believe that life is beautiful, harmonious, and dynamic. The human spirit progresses and prospers when it is aligned to nature’s plan. In cultures across the world spiritual traditions have healed and nurtured life. We celebrate these diverse traditions by recreating the wealth of spiritual teachings, culture, mythology, and history in a contemporary format.

Indus Source is a niche, independent book publisher in Mumbai passionately committed to publishing good and relevant literature. Although our primary focus is publishing books on spirituality and philosophy, we also publish general non-fiction in diverse genres. As publishers of spiritual books, we seek to provide positive, spiritual insights for harmony and better living. Through our books we would like to share the received wisdom, lighting the way for fellow-travellers.


Gift Set: Saints of Bengal
An ideal gift at a special price of Rs. 700/- only for the festive season!

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Call: 98690 26111 / 99209 76875


Devdutt Pattanaik