Intimate Death (Translated by Veena Gavankar)

Author: Marie de Hennezel

  • ISBN: 978-81-88569-40-3
  • Paperback
  • Size: 140.00 X 215.00 mm
  • Pages: 184
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Marie de Hennezel is a gifted psychologist who works as part of a remarkable team of doctors and nurses in a hospital for the terminally ill in Paris. The men and women who come there do not always know that they are dying. It is Marie de Hennezel's aim to bring them - and their loved ones - to this knowledge and then to encourage them to live each day that remains as fully and serenely as possible. Through her amazing gentleness and the unforgettable people she helps, we learn how precious the final days of a person's life can be and how deeply moving it is to share these moments with someone else. In an age where people hesitate to talk about dying, this important and ground-breaking book lends us the strength to confront the mysteries of death, gives us hope and celebrates the courage of the human spirit. It is also remarkably life-affirming.

Intimate Death is translated into Marathi by the well-known writer, Veena Gavankar. She shot into limelight with the success of her very first book Ek Hota Carver (a biography of George Washington Carver). She is known for her simple and lucid writing style. Her writing has received critical acclaim and she has won numerous awards including the Maharashtra State literary award. Some of her books have been translated into Gujarati and Hindi. She loves to research and write about personalities who have shown active social commitment towards greater humanitarian causes.

  • Marie de Hennezel


    Marie de Hennezel is a respected psychologist and psychotherapist entrusted with the mission for raising palliative-care awareness by the Ministry of Health in France. She has written nine books about the end of life and is the author of two ministerial reports about caring for those with terminal illnesses. Her book The Warmth of the Heart Prevents Your Body from Rusting: Ageing without growing old was a Number One bestseller in France and a Top Ten bestseller in the UK.