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Sir George Birdwood

Author: Vijaya Gupchup

  • ISBN: 978-81-88569-68-7
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  • Pages: 126
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Sir George Birdwood can certainly be considered as one of the architects of the city of Bombay in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Although he was trained as a doctor of medicine from the University of Edinburgh, he devoted his life to the betterment of Bombay thereby winning the goodwill of both Indians and Europeans. He was a multifaceted person who could multitask several activities at the same time. Thus, he was the honorary secretary of the Agri-Horticultural Society and set up the Victoria Gardens. At the same time he was Curator of the Victoria and Albert Museum in the same premises. He became the Registrar of the University of Bombay and his friendship with Indians enabled him to procure funds for the University and its glorious buildings. He was also appointed to manage the Elphinstone Funds—the educational funds for Bombay. He was appointed Sheriff of Bombay in recognition for his work. His predilection for Art and his writings about decorative art forms led to India being recognised in the world of art.

This monograph describes Sir George Birdwood’s life and the work he did in India and afterwards at the India Office in London.

  • Vijaya Gupchup

    Dr. Vijaya Gupchup has been an educator and a historian, associated with premier institutions in Mumbai for several years. She is the author of many books.

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