Gandhi- A Spiritual Journey

Author: M V Kamath

  • ISBN: 978-81-88569-11-3
  • Size: 140.00 X 215.00 mm
  • Pages: 200
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Beginning with his childhood and early years in South Africa, Gandhi: A Spiritual Journey, explores the search for truth and the spiritual transformation of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Influenced by western thought in his youth, Gandhi underwent a deep inner conflict that drew him to the study of comparative religion. His experiments with spiritual ideas, derived from a living faith in God, led him to propagate the principles of ahimsa and satyagraha. Gandhi was as much in politics as he was in search of God and the desire for God-realisation was the mainspring of all his actions, both political and social. Could Gandhi have internalised his quest for God and still remained a leader of the masses? What is Gandhi’s spiritual legacy that continues to inspire so many leaders across cultures? Can Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence address the ills of today’s strife-torn world? This book examines Gandhi’s spiritual ideology and traces his life-long journey in quest of truth that led him to conclude that Truth is God.

  • M V Kamath

    M. V. Kamath, eminent writer, columnist and journalist, is the author of over 45 books. Born in 1921, he started his career in journalism in 1946. He was the correspondent at the United Nations for the Press Trust of India, and in Bonn, Paris and Washington for The Times of India. He was also editor of Free Press Journal, and later of The Illustrated Weekly of India. A prolific writer, Mr. Kamath is the author of numerous biographies and books, which include The Pursuit of Excellence, B. G. Kher: The Gentleman Premier, Sai Baba of Shirdi: A Unique Saint Nani A. Palkhivala: A life and Narendra Modi: The Architect of a Modern State. In 2004, Mr. Kamath was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India. He has been given a D.Lit. (Honris Causa) by Mangalore University in 2007. He has been chairman of Vigyan Prasar, a science organisation, and was responsible for the circulation of a 19-coach Vigyan Rail throughout the country over a period of ten months. He was chairman of Prasar Bharathi, and is currently the director of the Manipal Institute of Communications. He lives in Manipal, Karnataka.

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