We are yoga book publishers. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit term yug, which means: “to yoke, bind, join, or direct one’s attention”. Yoga also implies concepts such as fusion, union, and discipline. The Hindu scriptures also define yoga as “unitive discipline”; the kind of discipline that leads to inner and outer union, harmony and joy. In essence, yoga is most commonly understood as conscious living; of tapping into one’s inner potential for happiness. Yoga is about being awake and being mindful of your actions. The book Simple Guide to Yoga by Mandip Singh is a preliminary guide to the practice of yoga. Written in an easy-to-follow format, this book teaches the practice of yoga through asanas and pranayama. Indus Source is a publisher of books focusing on spirituality. As yoga book publishers, we publish books on subjects such as yoga that lead us to an awareness of our inner self, thereby guiding us on our spiritual journey.
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